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Introducing The Atheon Quest Saga. A series of loosely connected race adventures, filled with challenges designed to test every fiber of your being: Mind, Body, and Heart.


Part adventure story, wellness program, and epic competition. Imagine if an obstacle course (e.g. Spartan Race), merged with an escape room (e.g. Palace Games), sprinkled challenges from actual sports/games on top, and came packaged inside a themed fantasy story (e.g. Harry Potter) and you’ll step into the Atheon Quest arena.

All Quests are different from one another, containing its own story, location, objective, challenges, and prizes to win. While at the same time interconnected to each other within the grander Atheon Quest Saga.

Note: Even though the Quests are loosely connected to one another, you are always welcome to participate in any Quest at any given time. Not knowing anything does not hinder your ability to participate/enjoy any of the individual Quests on their own.


Each Quest comes with a defined route, which you either know in advance or discover as you play. The meeting point is always where the route starts (and sometimes where it ends.) Within each route contains at least (5) obstacles (1 in each) of our 5 Atheon OMEGA Skill Domains. And finally there’s an end point where participants go to finish the mission after they have completed all the obstacles within the course.

Course elements:
Meet Point
This is the spot where everyone comes to meet, learn about the mission, and receive materials to complete the challenge.
Start Point
This is where the race begins, which is somewhere on the route, and more often than not is the same as the Meeting Point from above.
The route acts both as the path in which the participant follows to complete the mission. And as the imaginary line that connects all the obstacles together.
A challenge activity. Each activity comes with it’s own set of rules so make sure to follow the instructions carefully.
End Point
This is where the participant comes to finish the mission after successfully completing all the obstacles within the course.
The course is the identification given to the route, start point, end point, and obstacles together as one.


The 5 Atheon Skill Domains:
(O) Objective Strategy
Ability to problem solve (creatively) and make decisions (quickly).
E.g. Games
(M) Mental Knowledge
Ability to learn, retain, and leverage information.
E.g. Trivias
(E) Exercise in Fitness
Ability to use your body for strength, speed, and endurance.
E.g. Exercises
(A) Aim with Precision
Ability to control objects in space with precision.
E.g. Rec Games
(G) In-Game Competition
Ability to compete against an opponent.
E.g. Sports

Game Play

Once you purchase a ticket, you will be provided a location & time ‘Quest Meeting Point’. Once arrived, the game master will provide you with all the specifics (materials and information) needed to perform the mission.

It is important to note that the course is not a linear direct path like a traditional running race. Think more like an escape room — where you enter a room (in our case, a route), provided info/materials, and a set time to complete. From there the path/choices you take/make is up to you to complete the mission.

Just as in any race, the official winner is the Atheon (participant) who completes the entire Quest in the shortest amount of time. But trust us, any and all who successfully completes the Quest in the allocated time is worthy of being an Atheon. Each Quest is slightly different from each other, so always listen carefully and read the materials thoroughly provided by the game master.


Rules & Penalties

Common among all competitions is that there is a right and wrong way to do things. A full detail list of rules and penalties can be found here, and they will also be sent to each participant prior to an event.


Age Groups

For competitive reasons, with regard to timing, scoring, and prizes we have organized everyone into 6 groups:

21 — 34

Men age 21 – 34

Women age 21 – 34

35 — 49

Men age 35 – 49

Women age 35 – 49

50 — 64

Men age 50 – 64

Women age 50 – 64


Competition Groups

At the moment The Atheon Quest is a singles competition, but soon we will be adding doubles, teams, and company type competitions.


Everyone competes as individuals.


Coming soon…


Coming soon…


Who Can Participate?

Anyone who is:


Sorry kids, but for now, Atheon is intended only for Adults age 21 and 64. As for 65+, we are not yet sure if you can handle all the challenges(?)

Open Minded

Not intended as a scare tactic, simply a recommendation to come ready and excited to challenge yourself in mental, physical, and competitive ways you probably have never experienced before.


When are we ever 100%? We get that, but knowing what you can and can’t do is important nonetheless. As it would not be fair to everyone to give some special treatment over others — If you have an injury at the time of the event, you should consider not participating.

Nice & Safe

Even though this is a competition, we are still friends of one another. Always think safety first, play nice, and look out for one another.



We have different types of prizes that are given/earned depending on what you accomplish:


Given to all who participate in the Quest.


Earned by any Atheon (participant) who successfully completes the entire Quest within the allocated time and without receiving any penalties.


Earned by the Atheon (participant) who not only successfully completes the entire Quest, but also does so with the fastest time within their respective competition group.

Note: Some of the prizes in each of the categories can play a bigger role in the grander saga that is The Atheon Quest.



Additional bits of information to be aware of:

Getting Here

We do not provide transportation to the event. We do however provide info, directions, and options though.

Rain or Shine

No matter what the weather conditions are the event will still occur.


Sorry, we do not accept refunds at this time. We do however allow transfer of admission (funds) to another Atheon Quest event for special scenarios.



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