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Greatest sports league ever.

Atheon is the official sport and brand for Omni Athletes


A sports league with an epic twist. One that comes with forever challenge, health, and fun.

Picture a traditional sports league with a jersey, season and playoffs. Maybe an orange.

Now swap out that tired-old, injury prone, limited orange for a fruit basket. After all we were mean’t for more.

With the Omni Athlete Club each season contains a multitude of sports, games, and exercises that test every fiber of our being: mental, physical, and emotional. So that we can optimally become our best self. Forever.

With the ultimate goal each year of crowning an Atheon Champion aka “The greatest athlete or team of the year.”


Talk about bragging rights. Sign me up. Let’s go!


About Us

Atheon is the official competition, league, and lifestyle brand for Omni Athletes
Omni Athlete

// omni- ath- lēt

: One who seeks holistic immortality by actively learning, training, and competining in a wide variety of sports, games, and exercises together as one.

: Self-branded term given to an Atheon participant.


There are over 8,000 sports, games, and exercises; containing an infinite number of potential skills and benefits to tap into.

Atheon’s learn, exercise, and compete in them all; unlocking their infinite potential.



We are human not machine. We were never designed to do the same movement in constant repetition.

Atheon’s expand their movement and gain maximum strength to every mental, physical, and spiritual muscle; Becoming their healthiest self.


We all have been there, it is only natural to get bored of repetition.

Become a kid once more and have that pure excitement of always learning/playing something new; Endless fun awaits.



Oh yea, and best of all: Because each of our events challenge you in 5 diverse set of mental, physical, and competitive domains. No one has a competitive advantage over another.

Atheon welcomes and evens the playing field for all.


Play on

Clear Mind.
Strong Body.
Good Heart.

– We are Atheon

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